Meet the athlete, Catharina Wahl

Meet the athlete, Catharina Wahl
Posted on 24-9-2019 by Gorilla Wear

Catharina Wahl (cathawahl), is a Norwegian swimsuit contender. During her days in secondary school, Catharina grew a craving to satisfy a functioning way of life, where she participated in a few competitive sports, for example handball.

At 16 years old, Catharina set a national precedent in the 60m run, underscoring her enormous quality and pace in the field of games. In any case, at that point, Catharina experienced a genuine foot damage, thusly driving her dashing days to attract to a nearby. 

Through sheer diligent work, consistency, and assurance, she's overseen win herself a lean, etched sculpted physique. So after a couple of years Catharina was able to defeat and overcome her injury.

By 2012, Catharina went to the bodybuilding stage to take her fitness journey to the next level. From that point on, she's turned into a fitness icon across the internet, as well as a successful bikini competitor, entering the IFBB Pro circuit in 2017.

- Weight: 125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
- Height: 5’6’’ (167.5cm)
- Year of birth: 1991
- Nationality: Norwegian
Profession: IFBB Bikini Pro, sponsored athlete

Professional Results
- 2016 Amateur Olympia Europe - 4th place
- 2016 Ben Weider Legacy Cup - 3rd place
- 2016 EVLS Prague Amateur - 2nd place
- 2016 Arnold Amateur International - 1st place in up to 172cm category, 1st overall
- 2016 Olympia Amateur - 2nd place
- 2016 European Amateur Bodybuilding Championships - 2nd place
- 2015Mr. Olympia Amateur England - 1st place up to 172cm, 4th overall
- 2015 EBFF European Amateur Fitness Championships - 4th place
- 2015 Oslo Grand Prix - 1st place
- 2014NPC Europa Super Show: Bikini Class D – 3rd place
- 2013 EBFF European Amateur Fitness Championships - 13th place
- 2012 Norway Open - 2nd place

Favourite items
- Selma Sleeveless Hoodie - Gray
- Shawnee Joggers - Mixed Gray
- Oakland Crop Tank - Gray/Pink Camo

Instagram of Catharina Wahl

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