Meet the athlete, Remi Ganzeman

Meet the athlete, Remi Ganzeman
Posted on 24-9-2019 by Gorilla Wear

Remi Ganzeman is born and raised in Belgium. Antwerp. He was born on the 28th of July, 1990. When he was young he only had his mom, which he considered as his everything. He lived with his mom together in a small apartment and didn’t have much, but they didn’t need much. 
When he was young he played basketball and also did MMA. At the age of 16 he started lifting and it was pretty clear that this was his new addiction. He did everything to stay away from the streets.

Weight: 187 - 198 lbs (85 - 90kg)
Height: 5’5’ (168 cm)
Year of birth: 1990
Nationality: Belgium
Profession: IFBB professional bodybuilder

Professional results
- 2013 the belgium nation title
- 2015 world champions - 11th
- 2016 at the Mr. Olympics Italy - 3rd
- 2017 Arnold Classic Ohio - 1st
- 2018 Mr. Olympic Marbella - 5th
- 2018 the Diamond Cup in Luxembourg - 4th

Favourite items
- Alabama Drop Crotch Joggers - Gray
Forbes Polo - Army Green
- Forbes T-shirt - Black

Instagram of Remi Ganzeman

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