Discover 3 sport outfits under the 100,-

Discover 3 sport outfits under the 100,-
Posted on 7-10-2019 by Gorilla Wear

Sportswear is lately a lot more fashionable than a couple of years ago. There are countless of different items for sale. We have put together 3 typical Gorilla Wear outfits for the motivated under the €100,- which you can easily copy to start working on your dreambody.Gorilla Wear provides you with the best sports experience but also the latest trends.

The hardcore fitness outfit;
This outfit is perfect for every training and is made to handle every situation in the gym. It doesn't matter if you plan to go lifting or do a cardio session, it can handle everything. Due to the t-shirt and short, this outfit won’t overheat you so you can just go on and on in the gym to receive that body you always dreamt of.

The Kansas T-shirt design consists of a lightweight and breathable material
to support your most intense training sessions.We aim to inspire your inner Gorilla,
so we hope that you will feel like nothing can stand in your way when you are going at it.

The Pittsburgh Sweat Short is a perfect short to sport in but it is also a
pants you can sleep in if you want to, it is comfortable and made out of
the finest materials. It gives you perfect support and a lot of mobility.

The Brooklyn knitted sneakers are ideal for sportswear but also fashionable for casual wear.
This sneaker is a mix of both technology and design. It is knitted with
very precise high-quality material to ensure that you get the best possible
quality in the world. We also equip the shoes with air circulating filters which will
keep the shoes smelling fresh for a long period, even after your workouts.

The rebellion outfit;
This outfit is perfect for every heavy training and is made to let you fully focus on a tough workout. Due to the long sleeve shirt you can go in every position and hit the floor while performing a combat sport without become dirty on your bald skin. Also the tight fit gives you an optimum fight outfit and look.
Be ready to conquer your position in every gym.

The Hayden Compression long sleeve is close-fitting which can help you
feel confident and supported during your workout. It absorbs sweat so you
can keep fully focused on every workout.

The Franklin Short prepares it user to conquer any challenge. Designed for performance,
these Shorts give you maximum support by virtue of two compression technology.
This technology is beneficial to your blood circulation and offers extra protection to your muscles.
Wear this Gorilla Wear body armor as part of your full MMA equipment or during intense leg workouts.

The classic outfit;
This typical gym outfit is the perfect choice for every workout. It is comfortable and can resist every training. You can lift weights or do cardio with it, also this outfit is ready to match with everything and it always fits in your training schedule.

The Roy T-shirt is fashionable and also very functional. This T-shirt fits
like a second skin and does not squeeze and/or limit the users' range of motion.
Besides, this Gorilla Wear USA T-shirt is designed with high-quality fabric that dries very fast,
this does not only give optimal mobility but gives also comfort to the user.

The Wellington track pants can be your typical pants to wear for an intensive workout
or before/after your training session, for example towards the gym you can wear it.
The flexible fabric is everything you need to feel comfortable to kill every workout.

The shaker XXL is perfect for those 'Shaken,
not stirred' banana drinks every Gorilla dreams of. Besides,
for the modern Gorilla, it is dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator safe.

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