Discover the Gorilla clothing tips to push your limits every workout!

Discover the Gorilla clothing tips to push your limits every workout!
Posted on 18-2-2020 by Gorilla Wear

You have started your intensive workout and you have to stop several times to straighten your clothing. Very annoying and it disturbs your focus during your workout. Moreover, your stability is also not good because of your shoes. This ensures sore feet and less power during heavy lifting. Recognizable? Gorilla Wear offers high-quality workout outfits and shoes to wear during your workout. Read all about it in this blog and discover Gorilla Wear clothing tips. Take a look at the new arrival collection lined up for you:

Warm up with Rentz Long Sleeve

When you are starting your workout it is always important that your muscles stay warm during fitness. When you just start your workout, your muscles are still cold. A good quality long sleeve can help you stay warm at the start of your workout. The long sleeve guarantees optimum support during your workout. The Rentz long sleeve has a quick-dry technology so sweat is properly absorbed during your workout. Feel the freedom to move and conquer any challenge. A good Gorilla clothing tip to begin your workout with is to warm your muscles. The Rentz long sleeve offers you comfort and stretchability and they make you completely ready to start your workout warm. Which color long sleeve do you choose?

Start and lift with the Madera Tank Top

When you are already warmed up during your fitness workout you can take off your long sleeve and start your fitness training in your Madera tank top. A new way of training and definitely recommended to beat all your challenges. This Madera Tank Top is also equipped with a quick-dry technology and can absorb sweat quickly. Experience the feeling of freedom during your workout. The Madera tank top is very suitable to match with other Gorilla Wear (gym) clothing.

Make legday a success

With the Smart shorts and tights you know for sure that you make every leg day a success. Train smart wearing these smart tights and shorts with pockets included on both sides. Store your stuff safely while you are working out. Made for every type of training, these shorts gives you fully support. Whether you train in the gym or fight in the gym with these shorts you can easily store things in the pockets. Do not only think smart, but also exercise smart.

Stay strong during your workout

To complete your workout outfit, you should not miss this Gorilla clothing tip. Sturdy shoes are essential for stability when lifting heavily. The Gorilla Perry High Tops Pro shoes have a flexible flat sole that makes it easier for you to move in freedom and be more stable. The Gorilla Perry shoes are available in different colors and sizes. You can easily match these shoes with your fitness clothes. Discover the new Gorilla Wear fitness clothing collection to give your workout an extra boost.

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