The fitness accessories you must have for your next workout!

Posted on 24-3-2020 by Gorilla Wear

At Gorilla Wear, we know that comfort and protection is very important during your fitness workout. Wheter you are doing fitness, bodybuilding or CrossFit, it is always good to protect yourself from possible injuries during heavy lifting. Fitness accessories can be the solution for you. But which fitness accessories are really necessary during your fitness workout? In this blog you can read everything about handy Gorilla Wear fitness accessories to be extra motivated!

What is the use of good fitness accessories

Besides that fitness attributes are important, the fitness accessories are just as important. The fitness accessories ensure that you can easily and effectively achieve your fitness goals. Avoid difficulties during your fitness workout and go for full support during your workout. Gorilla Wear offers different fitness accessories such as wrist wraps, knee wraps, lifting straps and an assortment of shakers and water bottles

Get the grip with the Wrist Wraps

With the Gorilla Wear wrist wraps you protect your wrist during exercise. If you want to push yourself to the limit in the gym, you can quickly injure yourself because your wrist is not built to support heavy weight. Wrist wraps are suitable as support for exercises where you let the weight rest on your wrist. Ideal for fitness exercises like bench press or dumbell chest press. The wrist wraps are very useful to add to your fitness accessories.

Lift heavier with the Lifting Straps

Have you always wanted to give everything during your workout? But are your sore and painful hands getting in the way? Veru recognizable if you are lifting heavily. Gorilla Wear has a solution for this with the lifting straps in de category fitness accessories.

Make squats easier with the Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are strong elastic bands that protect your knees against injuries. Knee wraps provide better posture and stability during squats. Below the pros and cons of knee wraps:

  • Squat more weight
  • Flexible elastic bands for freedom of movement
  • Improve technique and stability
  • Decrease in quad muscle activation
  • Decrease long-term knee stability


Stay hydrated during your fitness workout

In addition to good fitness support, it is also important to drink enough water during your workout. You lose sweat during exercise. Sweat consists largely of water and salt. So it is important that you drink enough to keep the body in balance. Less water in the bloodstream also means a reducted supply of energy and accumulation of waste in the muscles. The Gorilla Wear water bottles and shakers are very important for your fitness accessories.

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