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Even in this difficult period with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is room for motivation. Not just any motivation, but motivation from a real Mr. Olympia. On April 30, 2020, it was finally time for the exclusive live interview with no other than Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. If you missed this exclusive interview, you don't have to worry because we have listed all the highlights of this exclusive interview in this blog. In this blog, he tells how it all started, what his goals are as a champion, and how he trains during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where it began

When Brandon Curry grew up, the macho movies like Rambo and G.I. Joe came out where they all had big muscles. Brandon always wanted to have these big muscles as a child. Brandon was 5 years old when his parents agreed and offered him a Hulk Hogan starters kit with light weights. At the age of 14 years old, Brandon requested a weight set so that he could train in his room. When high school started, Brandon started lifting with real weights with the football team. Brandon turned it into a kind of competition and became the strongest boy on the football team. From that moment on, the love for bodybuilding started and Brandon decided to compete in different competitions.

Next goal as Mr. Olympia

Brandon Curry said that he hopes his story, in general, will motivate a lot of people in every sport or situation. Whatever you have to go through, you have to keep fighting to achieve your goals. As long as you believe in it and don't give up you will succeed in your goals. Never quit and keep going! He clearly emphasized that giving up is not an option, although he had often thought of giving up when it was difficult, he got up again and again. Brandon continued to think carefully about what he was training for and what he wanted to achieve. He remained motivated with that thought.

How Brandon Curry trains during Covid-19

Before the Covid-19 pandemic started Brandon was able to open a gym facility. The gym is currently closed for public due to the pandemic, but as an owner, Brandon can continue to exercise in isolation. Brandon said that the gym facility was just at the right time because nobody saw this pandemic coming. He is very grateful that he has the opportunity to train somewhere instead of exercising at home with less weight.

Workout with William Bonac?

Even though William Bonac and Brandon are competitors, Brandon said that they can train together in the future especially for the fans and for Gorilla Wear. Perhaps Bonac and Curry will record an awesome workout for Gorilla Wear in the future when the Covid-19 pandemic is dimmed. Brandon Curry added that he and Bonac have great respect for each other. The competition and rivalry with Bonac makes Curry better and more motivated. So keep an eye on Youtube in the future because there may be nice workouts planned with the champions!

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