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On May 14th, 4.00 CEST it was time for the exclusive live interview with William ‘’the conqueror’’ Bonac! In this blog, we have listed all the highlights of this exclusive interview. In this blog William Bonac talks about how it all started, plans, motivation, his birthplace Ghana and how he deals with the Covid-19 pandemic. Sit back and read all the highlights from the exclusive live interview in a nutshell.

Here you can watch the exclusive live interview with William Bonac again!

The beginning

Since Bonac was 14 years old, many people around him said that he should become a bodybuilder. William Bonac didn't know anything about bodybuilding at the time. When Bonac knew what bodybuilding meant, he never saw himself participating in bodybuilding. Bonac always watched YouTube videos for inspiration. Besides, he also did various exercises at home, such as pushups. When Bonac was 14/15 years old he went to the gym for the first time. From that moment on Bonac started to grow energy and he saw a lot of progress in his body. Despite his progression, he didn't want to learn anything about bodybuilding. His intention was only to become stronger. From the moment Bonac saw Dexter Jackson and Kai Greene shine on stage, he started to get interested in bodybuilding. The inspiration has always been in him, but the motivation came from Dexter Jackson.

How Bonac became ''The Conqueror''

Bonac has made up his nickname ''The Conquerror'' through the difficult obstacles he has overcome in his life. In 2013, Bonac lost his job and was living with his mother at the time. When Bonac was in his 30's he left the house and had no place to go. During that period he lived in his car in the parking garage. At that time it was winter and it was very cold. Although Bonac lived in a car, he still went to the gym every day. Because Bonac had no job, he paid the gym with his savings. Besides, there was also little money for food. All he ate was half a loaf of bread and some leftover food that his ex-girlfriend gave him. Because Bonac has had this difficult period and overcome all these obstacles, he has called himself "the conqueror" in his bodybuilding career.

How William Bonac deals with Covid-19 pandemic

The upcoming Olympia this year is supposed to take place in September. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Olympia has been moved to December. William Bonac didn't mind the move of the date as it gives him more time to prepare for the upcoming Olympia. Bonac also said that the closed gyms are also an obstacle in the run-up to the next Olympia. But because he has good people around him, Bonac still has the opportunity to train in the gym of Tavi Castro. It is also an advantage for Bonac that the Olympia takes place in the winter because he prefers to do his prep in the winter. The days are shorter and according to Bonac his preparations are going to improve this way. Bonac is very motivated and looking forward to winter and his next Olympia!

Future plans

Bonac has a plan to move to his birth country Ghana after his retirement. He said in the interview that when he is in his 60s he wants to go back and live in Ghana for the rest of his life. Bonac also mentioned that he would like his children to grow up here in the Netherlands and when they have their own life he wants to move to Ghana. Bonac also wants to tell his children that whatever he says they should follow their dreams. If you believe in it you have to go 200% for your goals! Besides, he gave inspiring words to the viewers. He said that viewers should not be like him, but that they should be better. If the viewers keep that in mind they will be more motivated to get better.

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During the interview, viewers could ask nice questions via the live YouTube chat. Some questions were selected and answered by William Bonac during the live interview. As a surprise, William Bonac signed and gave away his new Athlete T-shirt 2.0. The viewer who submitted the best question could win this unique signed Athlete T-shirt by William Bonac. Do you want a cool William Bonac Athlete T-shirt 2.0?

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