What is the Gorilla Wear Hybrid Collection?

What is the Gorilla Wear Hybrid Collection?

Hybrid Collection

The Gorilla Wear Hybrid Collection literally offers solutions for everything. This multifunctional collection ensures that you can deliver your best performance in the gym, in the boxing ring and during outdoor training. Each product in this collection has its own multifunctional benefits and together they form the basis for your perfect workout.


Feel like running outside or start with your weekly bench press? This multifunctional Hamilton Hybrid Tracksuit is made for both indoor and outdoor workouts. The sweat-wicking fabric of this tracksuit keeps your body warm inside, but also keeps you from getting cold outside. The raglan sleeves give you plenty of room to move to do your favorite workout. The stretchy fabric and slim-fit provides the perfect fit.


These multifunctional Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids are perfect for a variety of workouts. The shoe offers great support for explosive movements and heavy lifting. The shoe supports where needed and moves with you through the soft, breathable mesh exterior with rubber in places where extra support is needed. In addition, the shoe has a TPU Heel Clip for extra stability for the heel. Whether you're going for your deadlift personal record or starting your favorite CrossFit workout; this shoe is the perfect solution!


The Norris Hybrid Gym Bag/Backpack is designed to be carried in 3 different ways. Thanks to the removable shoulder straps, the gym bag can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag and handbag. The bag has up to 66 liters of storage space and therefore enough room to store all your boxing gear.

With the new items from the Hybrid Collection, nothing will stand in your way anymore. Follow your own path and don't let anything limit you: Follow Your Flow!

Hybrid Collection

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