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About Us

Since its inception in 1982, Gorilla Wear has been more than just a brand; it's a passion ignited by the world of bodybuilding. For over four decades, Gorilla Wear has been a prominent fixture in the bodybuilding and fitness realm, standing as a testament to unwavering dedication and excellence.

Our Mission

At Gorilla Wear, our mission goes beyond selling apparel. We're here to fuel the motivation of athletes worldwide. Our products don't just clothe; they inspire, with unique designs and unrivaled functionality. We are the embodiment of fitness motivation, a perfect fit for dedicated souls who dare to dream big. Hence, our motto is "For The Motivated".

Core Values

Strength and Determination: We believe in everyone's potential to grow stronger and fitter. Our products are a testament to this belief, empowering our customers to push their physical limits.

Quality and Sustainability: Excellence is in our DNA. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we craft products that endure intensive training sessions. Sustainability is not a choice; it's a value woven into every stitch, ensuring a lasting impact on both you and the environment.

Community and Connection: We're more than a brand; we're a community. Gorilla Wear thrives within the fitness circle, fostering strong bonds with customers and partners. We believe in mutual support, inspiring everyone to journey together toward their fitness goals.

Style and Individuality: Expression is at the heart of fitness. Our apparel isn't just functional; it's a canvas for your unique style. We encourage self-expression, both within the gym and beyond.

Inspiration and Motivation: Your potential is boundless, and we're here to remind you of that. We stand as a source of inspiration, motivating you to achieve your best, whether it's in fitness or life itself.

Our Products

Gorilla Wear isn't just about clothing; it's about igniting success. Our collection, spanning both men and women, is tailored for athletes, with fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts in particular. Beyond the gym, our products effortlessly transition into other sports and even daily wear, ensuring you embody strength everywhere you go. From sportswear to footwear, accessories to fight gear, Gorilla Wear equips you for victory.

Our Vision

Empowering tomorrow while building upon our legacy today, Gorilla Wear envisions a future where we continue to lead while evolving to meet the world's changing demands. Through continuity, sustainability, global reach, and customer-centricity, we're shaping a world where dedication, inspiration, and excellence intersect.

Join us in our journey to empower and inspire, forging a path toward a future that blends tradition with innovation, and strength with sustainability. At Gorilla Wear, we don't just believe in your potential; we empower it.

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